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We think that life is short and you need to take advantage of it by doing something amazing everyday. And while you are at it, you might as well drink great coffee! We take this attitude into our coffee roasting by ethically sourcing the best coffee in the world and expertly roasting it fresh for you. In addition to coffee, our passion is to be outside in the Canadian North and hit the trails, water and hills.


We work directly with top green coffee importers to obtain the best green coffee from around the world. These importers work directly with the farmers and not only provide premium prices for top quality coffee, but work with them to improve their production and establish long-term relationships and sustainability for their farms and families.

We are proud to partner with Cafe Imports and Organic Products Trading Company. The best quality coffee costs more, but like most things in life, you get what you pay for! When it comes to our roaster, we love our new Diedrich IR-12. Handmade by the amazing team at Diedrich in Ponderay, Idaho. It’s beautiful, efficient and roasts amazing coffee.


We believe that even the most extreme adventures need great coffee. Whether you are summiting a top peak, navigating a river system or doing a week of backcountry ski touring, there is nothing like a hot cup of amazing coffee to get you started or to help you finish the day strong. We also appreciate that for the most remote and long trips, weight and practicality are important. We’ve been there…every ounce counts when you are carrying it yourself!

We are pumped to offer custom packaging and gear specifically designed for your trip. Contact us and provide us with your party's size and itinerary and we can create and package custom lightweight coffee and brewing solutions for your mission.

If your mission is EPIC enough, we will provide this for free...Well not totally free, you have to let us put up some pictures on our website of your awesome journey.