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Our Brewology

Fresh Coffee: Buy whole beans and buy less beans more often. Brew within 2-30 days of the roast date and 10-12 days of opening the bag. 

Grinding: Coffee is the best if you brew it immediately after grinding. Buying ground coffee is like buying red wine that has been uncorked. A burr grinder is preferred over a blade due to consistant grind size. Grind size should be appropriate to your brew method. In general, coarser grinds correlate to longer extraction times such as with a French press. A medium grind results in a shorter extraction time such as with dripper or Aeropress brews.  A very fine grind is used with espresso.

Filtered Water: Use filtered tap or spring water

Temperature: Coffee should be brewed around 200F or use water right off the boil to be close if you don’t have a thermometer or fancy kettle.

Dose: The recommended ratio of coffee to water starts at 1:18 (55g of coffee for a litre of water). If you like a stronger, more concentrated coffee, change the ratio to 1:15 or even 1:12….. GO CRAZY. We love that stuff here! We highly recommend having a kitchen scale to help you out. Weigh your coffee dose, tare the scale, then weight your water (if you are aiming for a 1:15 ratio, 20g coffee would require 300g water).